CIS Control Union Resources

Please see the below our CIS Control Union Wheat Quality Analysis, Tallow Quality Testing and Meat and Bone Meal introductory guides. We are working on more whitepapers and guides to bring you over the coming months.

Wheat Quality Analysis

A range of analytical processes can assist in determining the quality and usability of wheat. This guide details the process and importance of testing various characteristics – including protein, test weight, falling number to name a few.

Tallow Quality Testing

There are a vast number of end uses for tallow resulting in a large number of analytical services on offer. This guide contains a comprehensive outline of test methods and characteristics of tallow as well as the reasons behind each test.

Meat and Bone Meal

The value of MBM can be determined by a number of important analyses which provide an indication of the quality for various uses. This guide outlines some of the characteristics and methods for analytical testing of MBM.