Managed Agri & Grains

The Challenges of Export supply chains and how to beat them

Challenge #1: Don’t have the right permits and health certifications? Especially with perishable goods, errors in processing or delayed shipments mean losses.

Challenge #2: Creating documentation manually? Preparing sales and purchase orders, invoices, and certificates is labour-intensive. This has a negative impact on team productivity.

Challenge #3: Compliance Requirements slowing you down? Arranging shipping documents and certifications manually from all relevant agencies – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE), Chambers of Commerce, and independent surveyors – is so time-consuming.

The Solution! Managed Agri & Grains – Agricultural supply chain, managed by experts

CIS Control Union has partnered with ImpexDocs to provide Managed Agri & Grains, a single integrated solution to help manage your export supply chain processes. This solution includes:

  • Preparation of specialised export documentation 
  • Inspection
  • Testing and 
  • Certification

The result is that you have only one entity looking after all the documentation required for the export.

With Managed Agri & Grains, the agricultural exporter can scale the business processes faster and more efficiently, and expedite shipments by arranging the right set of documents, export permits and health certificates with ease.

Benefit from our Expertise

The team at CIS Control Union and ImpexDocs has years of experience in supporting agricultural exporters with their requirements, from generating compliant shipping documents and health certifications to managing other key trade processes. 

We can:

  • Manage complete supply chain so that you can focus on key business processes that drive growth
  • Automate administrative processes to increase productivity and enable better task management for your operation teams
  • Leverage the right opportunities and work on minimising roadblocks to ensure timely shipments
  • Provide Export Docs:
    • Commercial invoice
    • Phytosanitary & Health Certificates
    • Bill of lading
    • Packing List
    • Certificate of origin
    • Superintendence Certificates
    • Ensuring documents meet LCs
    • Any other document requirements
    • Present documents to bank

Why not choose Managed Agri & Grains, and solve your Export supply chain challenges?

By utilising CIS Control Union and ImpexDocs cloud-based export software suite and managed services teams allows you to streamline your supply chain and take advantage of timely and secure delivery of your consignments, leaving your team to focus on what they do best, and providing saleability and efficiency to your business.

Ready To Transform Your Business?

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