Superintendence and Marine Surveying Services

Our professional inspection and superintendence services give you reassurance, knowing you have someone on site to represent and protect your interests.

Our representation ensures that quality and quantity requirements are supervised during loading or packing and on the spot updates can be made according to your requirements.

Our packing and loading superintendence service is best described as insurance, which will provide you with full tracability in the event of a claim at the discharge port. Control of sample dispatch is also an important part of the service value.

We specialise in fats and oils, protein and vegetable meals as well as grains, seeds and pulses. We have many years of experience working in the fields of bulk and containerised shipping to all of the major global destinations.

What ever your requirements CIS Control Union has the resources to assist you reliably, professionally and with integrity.

We work in accordance with GTA, GAFTA and FOSFA standards so our service will meet the standards of these contracts.

Our superintendence team have years of experience in bulk liquids, grains, chemicals, fuels and machinery and shipping, AIMS affiliation and experience at sea and in commodities has given them immense industry knowledge providing excellent customer service and value to our clients.

The following services can be tailored to suit your needs and budget:


We provide whatever you need – loading and discharge supervision, draft survey, weight determination, hold and tank inspection, hatch sealing, monitoring of fumigation, sampling and sample dispatch. Comprehensive reporting, accompanied by a photographic record, can be provided, as well as quality and weight certification.

Bulk and Container Liquid Cargo Survey including Tallow, Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil and Fish Oil

We offer a complete and professional service with integrity and consistency and liaise with you closely throughout the loading and/or discharge.

Dry Bulk and Container Cargo Survey including Grain, Pulses, Oilseed, Sugar and Protein Meals

We ensure you’re well represented and we send fast and accurate updates, as well as speedy delivery of services before, during and after loading.



We provide sustainability, food safety and management system consultancy and certification services.

Marine Survey

We have qualified marine surveyors who can perform vessel surveys such as draft and bunker surveys.

Packing Inspection Services

We provide packing supervision services right across Australia. We can tailor our services to your needs, including supervision of quality and weight, sampling during packing and urgent dispatch to our laboratory.

Stock Feed Survey and Sampling

If you need to have the quality of your product assessed for any reason – we can perform sampling and analysis and report on our findings.

Container Inspection

We provide assurance that containers are fit to carry edible product and free from foreign contaminants.

Damaged Cargo Survey

If you have cargo or stock that is damaged, we can visit the site to carry out a thorough inspection with photographs, and provide a comprehensive independent report of our findings to support your insurance claim. Samples can be drawn and analysis performed if required.

Stocktake Inspections

We provide stocktake inspections on product that is stored in bags, containers or bulk.

Pre-Shipment Inspections

We can perform customised pre-shipment inspections (PSI) to confirm contract specifications prior to loading.

For more information about our inspection and superintendence services, please contact us.