Efficient & Accurate Certification for Agricultural Commodities

We understand your need for quick turnaround of internationally recognised documentation and certification to avoid any transaction delays.

As far as the superintendence service is concerned, the Quality and Weight certificates are the final output and contain all relevant and required information regarding the shipment. We include load and discharge ports, vessel name, packing or loading method, important clauses, remarks and LC numbers as well as container numbers if required and weights, confirming tonnage of the consignment.

Analysis reports state the quality of the product relating to the shipment as found at the time of testing. The analysis report is more brief than the quality and weight certificates simply matching the results to the correct shipment, stating the analysis results and any methods or standards used.

Shipment Survey Reports are issued after we have attended a survey or inspection on your behalf. They are the report that compiles all relevant data pertaining to the loading of the vessel or inspection of product or vessel. Our staff need to know the scope of the inspection prior to attending, so our report will match your expectations. We often provide analysis in conjunction with an inspection, and an analysis report is issued separately.

We have over 20 years’ experience in providing accurate, on-time documentation and certification for both container and bulk shipments. Here are a few good reasons why you can rely on CIS Control Union for fast, accurate certification:

Draft documentation ASAP

We create draft documentation promptly for your review. This means any amendments can be completed by the time analysis results come back from the laboratory. Plus, our laboratory testing and analysis emphasises minimising turnaround times.

Secure digital delivery

Security is just as important as speed. That’s why your documents are issued electronically as securely encrypted PDF documents. They can be printed or distributed as required. (We can also issue hard copy documents via post if you prefer.)

High quality documentation

Our certificates include a watermark to assist in identifying a genuine CIS Control Union certificate. Also, our documents are backed by our laboratory and inspection accreditation, which lends value and security to your trading company.

Agricultural commodity specialists

We certify bulk and container shipments, whether liquid or dry bulk, and specialise in quality and weight certification for:

  • Bulk and containerised tallow, vegetable oil, olive oil and fish oil
  • Bulk and containerised grain, seed, oilseed, pulses and sugar
  • Meal and bone meal
  • Poultry meal
  • Fish meal
  • Blood meal
  • Soy meal
  • Feather meal

For more information about our certification services, please contact us